Former Post-Docs

Former Post-doctoral Scholars and Visiting Associates– Current Position

Detlef Bahnemann – University of Hannover, Germany

Eric Betterton – Professor University of Arizona

Scott Boyce – Industrial chemical consultant

Elizabeth Carraway – Professor Clemson University

Neil E. Carriker – Tennessee Valley Authority

Walter S. Combs, Jr. – State Health Laboratories, Rhode Island

Nathan Dalleska, Senior Staff Scientist, ESE, Caltech

Hugo Destaillats – UC-Berkeley – LBNL & Arizona State University

Shinichi Enami – Professor Kyoto University, Japan

Marta Escobar – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yigal Erel – Professor, Hebrew University

Alicia Gonzales – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dieter Gunz – Professor, Lichtenstein

Tom Holm – Illinois Water Survey

Manabu Igawa – Professor Kanagawa University, Japan

Maria Suarez-Iha – Professor University of Sao Paolo

Joon-Woon Kang – Professor Yonsei University, Korea

James McArdle – Boston, MA, consultant

German Mills – Professor Auburn University

Hyunwoong Park – Prof. Kyung-buk University, Korea

Juan Diaz-Ricci, Prof. National University Tucuman, Argentina.

Olli Tuovinen – Professor, Ohio State University

Dean Willberg – Director of Research, Schlumberger

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