ULTRON: Portable, Economical Water Treatment Solutions

The Technology

The Ultra-portable Three-stage Oxidative Nanofiltration (ULTRON) technology developed by the Hoffmann Group aims to provide sanitation and water purification solutions that are economical and energy-efficient. Based on proprietary methods (United States Patent Application 20180222781), this system uses easily-available materials and minimal energy inputs for a modular, scalable product.

The technology has been proven to deliver 5-log reduction of indicator bacteria, and testing for higher performance values is ongoing.

More information can be found here.

Testing of ULTRON system with E. coli

Test Results showing 99.999% removal of E. coli by ULTRON

Testing of ULTRON system with E. coli

Schematic diagram of ULTRON system with urinal

Testing of ULTRON system with E. coli



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